Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Goodbye Babyhood

Okay. Okay. OKAY!

I wish I could just update by hyperlinking my brain. It would save me the anguish of watching so many bloggable moments just zip by, unlaughed at, unenjoyed by YOU, the readers (all three of you)!

Here is the latest from the party of eight (yes, I included Suki the Invisible Housecat in my headcount, it is the least I can do since we never see her):

Dream woke us up with a bashful look and a sizeable chunk missing from her thick brown hair in the front. Upon interrogation, I discovered she had indeed cut it herself, on account of wanting short hair like her friends at ballet. Did I mention she had never, not once, had a haircut? That her soft and wispy baby hair was on tippy tip tips of that mane?

So, I was all like "Lets go throw a bunch of money at some local stylist already" and she got a green lollipop while she sat gleefully in the chair-of-hair-death, and I restrained myself from vomiting as well over TEN INCHES were sheared from my middle daughter's head

The horror went something like this:

And as if it were never going to end, Muse decided that short hair was the next big thing, and immediately demanded she receive a hair-chopping as well.

I am behind the camera so you cant see me cringing/smiling in the background. Good thing too.

All in all, it turned out okay. Muse and Dream have beautiful haircuts they can brush themselves now. No more pulling, tugging, praying, whining, or putting up in the requisite buns for ballet classes. They even got to donate their hair to Locks of Love.

I am still having nightmares about it. I suppose I will grow up eventually.

But aren't they cute, regardless?


Blogger Matthew said...

Very cute! It's amazing what things will trigger us emotionally. I never thought about the first haircut, but I'm sure it will be up there.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Twilight Monkey said...

OH! Somebody does read this! :)

I never thought the day would come...but it did. It was tragic enough with the boys when they were smaller...but both girls at once? Egads.

I am over it now though. I imagine there are many more shocking moments ahead.

7:12 PM  

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