Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Biggest Fan

I was placidly folding laundry and minding my own business, when Gideon came up to me holding Miss O who was fitfully gnashing her mouth on his bicep.

"Look, Honey" he says. "She's rooting for you.....RA RA, GIVE ME SOME BA!"

When Muse was a vocabulary-hungry toddler, we read some blip in a parenting magazine about teaching a nursing toddler a word to use when asking to nurse, assumedly so they won't just say "whip it out, Mom," or something similar.

It suggested the use of the Japanese word for mammary glands: "ompai," which we interpreted as "OOM-PIE" in our vague understanding of Japanese phonetics. Muse was pleased with her new word, but she seemed unable to produce the whole set of sounds...imstead she said "ba."

As such, breastfeeding has been called that ever since in our house.


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