Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Eyeglasses for me

I took my husband's advice and bought some reading glasses today. He had seen me squint my eyes one too many times at the computer screen to see the words when they were printed in minute fonts, I guess. Academia has stolen my sight little by little, what with all the research and writing, staring at endless printed and electronic materials.

I ignored this advice for a long time, fearing the onset of old age that would certainly commence once I slipped the frames onto the bridge of my nose....(more) gray hair, loss of memory (heh), and wrinkles galore. I was afraid my dear husband, who IS older than me, would have the impetus to get back at me for all of those times I made fun of him for his age.

But, since I was sick of squinting, I decided to go ahead and get the bloody glasses. It wasn't so bad. I went to Target and chose the appropriate strength lenses (weak, thank Bob) in sorta-hip frames. It was relatively painless.

The best part? Muse thinks I look "pretty in glasses, just like her," and my husband gave me a leering eyeball when I modeled them, leading me to believe that he is just turned on by the geeky punk girl look, hence why he suggested I get them in the first place. Or he might just be a bit horny. Either way.....

I have glasses. For reading. And I am okay with that.


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