Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day Four of the Great Cleaning Strike of 2006

This is x-posted to my LJ, MySpace, and my blog on Blogger, if anyone cares. I don't generally like to be so lazy, but this warrants sharing on a broader scope.

Muse and Dream (our two eldest daughters) have entered into a cleaning strike. It all started innocently enough, with me asking them to "clean up the damn room already" and they were all "no" and I was all "get cracking" and then they did it, it was done, and they were free to go about their lives....

Until I moved a dresser in their room to allow the closet door to open easier, and I found that a gazillion (yes Mr. Bush, that is larger than a Brazillian) pieces of toys and general debris were shoved into the crevice behind it.

"We didn't do it!"
"It is your room....who else could have done it?" (I rolled my eyes here)
"Our brother did it.."
"Did not!"
"Did too!"
"Did not not not!"

At this point I dissolved into a puddle of tantrum and kicked my legs until they cleaned the room and made me a nice relazing mug of tea.


It was really just a small pile, perhaps twenty or so items. I explained that they could probably clean it easily and without much further ado, and then life's fun would continue on uninterrupted. The alternative, if they refused to do this, was to stay in the room until it was long as it took. Thinking this was adequate, I turned on my heel and went downstairs to check if any crack coffee was still in the pot.
There wasn't.

"We aren't doing it!" I heard in a chorus of small voices coming down the stairs. "EVER!"

Four days have passed now, and the room is yet to be cleaned. They have stuck to their guns, refusing not only to clean up the small mess, but have since pulled out more.

Putting away laundry has become a dangerous task, what with the picket lines and mountains of plastic and stuffed animals blocking my way. They are not moved by my claims that there are wonderful things to do outside, computer games to play, museums to visit....for Bob's sake, Riverscape to go to!

Somehow all my discussions about peaceful protests and sticking up for what you believe have sunk in.....TO MY DETRIMENT!!! (it isn't the first time)


Apparently, I am the "Man," the "System," the "Powers That Be."



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