Thursday, July 06, 2006

Shameless Plug (for a good company!)

Its Summer Clearance Time!!!!

This is different from the normal clearance sale at NFB, in the sense that these are all HABA items that are no longer going to be carried by us at NFB.

Soooooooo......If you want to place an order for the HABA Summer Clearance Sale, you have until MIDNIGHT JULY 9th to get it in. After that, all the items on this list are discontinued and unavailable FOREVER!

The link to the sale:


How do you place an order, you ask? Simply go to, and look for the Summer Clearance Sale in the public shopping cart so you can place the order online. If you are local to me, party shipping will apply (since I am placing my own order), otherwise it will be a nominal amount more if you live too far away for me to drop off your order in person.


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