Monday, March 27, 2006

All Growed Up

It amazes me sometimes just how quickly we all can get from our humble beginnings. First we are merely infants, grasping and smiling at a bizzarro but so very beautiful world--then BOOM we are full grown adults, with jobs and hangovers and people to be responsible for.

This observation is eloquently illustrated when Spring arrives in these parts, as I met my love nearly seven years ago, and we finally declared our craziness for each other in April. In the beginning, things were strange. We spent too much money on things that broke quickly. We had bad landlords. We ate fast food all the time, and our time not working or doing moderate household chores (being only responsible for a single three year old child) was spent playing video games and watching Sci-Fi.

You know it had to end someday, that we would be Grown Ups and all.

First, we got a more expensive rental house, one that had a backyard bigger than Texas. We had to mow that bloody huge thing sometimes over two days time, since we were so busy we could barely keep up with our second child, much less manicure the greenery.

Then we got in deeper.....we got into our first car loan. It was an under-the-table deal at a local dealer, and it went badly every step of the way. We lost money left and right in repairs, and still had to pay a huge inflated sum in the end to own a van that promptly died in an exciting explosion of its oil lines as zoomed along the highway at 65 MPH on our way to the Columbus Zoo.

Not nearly Grown Up enough yet, we sought to acquire more such situations, adding life insurance, economy packages of toilet paper, and a land contract into the mix. We began paying more for a house than we ever have, a ghastly amount we are only vaguely sure we can afford. Still not Grown Up yet!

But now I worry. Now we gone and become the proud owners of an actual suburbo-minivan. What's next? Tupperware parties?


Blogger mamaspeak said...

Oh, Tupperware is so twenty years ago. Methinks Pampered Chef is more appropos.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Twilight Monkey said...

:) We actually have had one of those!
*hangs head*

I also sell things for Natural Family Boutique (, which is basically the same thing, just with baby slings and organic cleaners.

It is worse than I thought.

6:12 PM  

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