Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Water Week!!

I can't believe I never posted this, of all things to get busy and stressed out and forget!

O smiled at me the other day for the first was so amazing! She had smiled in her sleep, but never directly at me. I think it was the 21st..a day before her "monthiversary" on this planet.

I can't seem to get a picture, but who can blame her? Cameras look all wonky that close up.

In other news, I know I never blogged this either, but I was experiencing it all first hand. A little over a week ago, our water pressure dropped like crazy, going from "sort of lame" to "holy shit I can't believe this sucks so bad" in just 24 hours.

I am talking dribble-water-supply, where it takes an hour and a half to fill the bathtub, and by then the water is cold. Miserable bathing, especially considering it is 30 degrees and there is a drafty window over the tub. We checked for leaks--there wern't any. We looked at valves and tested things with our miniscule knowledge about plumbing, let alone ancient plumbing.

Just about when we were ready to seriously question our sanity regarding buying a house in the first place, I called the city water department, just in case the clog was on their end.

City man comes over, he takes apart all sort of pipes and the meter, and apologetically informed me that the city was not responsible, but it would probably cost us two THOUSAND dollars to repair. Eh, WTF? I resigned myself to a lifetime of waiting until the washer was done to get a drink of water or flush the toilet, when he turned on the tap in the kitchen sink.

Out burst glorious streams of normal pressured water, similar to what we knew once upon a time (like, before we moved here). I heartily thanked the man, and restrained myself from kissing him on both cheeks.

Oh, the baths and showers I can take now! Like, for more than ten minutes and everything!

Then yesterday morning Muse takes a shower, and when she went to put on our normal squat-rigged pressure raising mechanism (a glow in the dark plastic snake that fits under the shower pull) she pulled the WHOLE DAMN FAUCET OFF. *sigh*
Now we had water, FANTASTIC water, but no faucet. The universe is cruel.

Mr. K took his shower in the tub this morning, with the little geyser sort of spitting out of the wall, reminding me of those staues of cherubs in peoples fountains that pee in the water. Not a choice experience either.

So, off to the local hardware store he goes, and five phone calls for measurements and observations later (did I mention it is like the blind leading the blind for us to fix anything?) he gets the shiziggity coolest shower head/faucet thingie ever. With massage features. I could kiss him on both cheeks too.

Thanks universe. Lets just say you got a backwards sense of humor, but I am down with that.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bleepity Bleep Bleep Bleep

Our eldest daughter approached me today and informed me that her brother had called her a "Fucking Fuck Fuck."

Me: O-kay. (immediately calling the older brother down)

Did you call your sister a bad name?

No...what did she say I called her?

Muse: You called me a fucking fuck fuck.

Hershaw: I did NOT call you a fucking fuck fuck.

Me: Um, can we can the bleeping bleep bleeps please? I am not particularly interested in your younger brother calling anybody names like that.

Hershaw: You mean you don't want us to say fucking fuck fuck?

Me: *sigh* Okay, lets put it this way. You tell me who called who what before dinner, or you're both in trouble.

Muse: Fine! He didn't do it! (pout)

Me: *sigh*

Oh Miss are a lucky little duck. By the time you are their age, I will know when you are lying before you even think of doing it.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Resident Primates

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Um, like "Hi" and stuff.

I have finally done it. I bit the proverbial bullet in spite of a slightly distorted fear of change, and got myself a blog. I actualy have a blog on Livejournal already, hence the unwillingness to change. Considering the format on LJ is somewhat....lacking, I followed my husband's advice, and here I am.
Zimbabwean women want Dignity.Period!